Hiding the Tears

Dear Sad Man,

Why are you near tears? I saw you out of the corner of my eye this morning and I wanted to say something but I didn’t. I’m shy like that.

You looked so forlorn.

Was it something she said as you were leaving the house this morning ? Did you realise that might have been the last time you saw her?

Or was it that when you awoke, used to turning over and seeing her tousled hair, smelling the remainders of her perfume on your pillow and the slight odour of her breath that instead you found only empty sheets and a half empty drawer. You may have been able to do something differently. You should have asked.

But she should have said something also.

I hope you can make it through the day without crying. The last thing you need is your workmates mucking around with your emotions. It might be the thing that finally makes you snap and tell them what you really think of them.

Good luck today.


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